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Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning Tips for my Birmingham Brides!

If you are like me when I was a bride, you dream of having this incredible wedding filled with amazing florals from floor to ceiling, an elegant table scape with a formal place setting and a full choir singing "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" as you walk down the aisle. Now, I did have the choir but the rest of my brilliant ideas were WAY out of my price range!

(No seriously.... we had a choir!)

If you are in the middle of your planning process and your budget is stretched thin, no worries! I have some great budget-friendly tips for you to incorporate! These tips will help you elevate your wedding day but won't break the bank!

1) Pick a "WOW" factor!

If your budget won't allow you to go over the top in your design, focus on one or two areas where you can create that "WOW" factor! Whether it is a gorgeous fireplace in the center of the room or your head table, pick one spot to go all out on, while keeping the rest very simple

For this gorgeous spring wedding, we decided to focus on two "WOW" factors: the outdoor fireplace and the head table!

By choosing just a couple of areas to really go all out, we were able to keep the rest of the areas nice and simple, lowering the overall cost of the décor. The guests couldn't stop gushing over how incredible the head table was!

2) Use a Dinner Plate Instead of a Charger!

I adore a fully dressed table with all of the bells and whistles, but it can become pricey! In Birmingham, Alabama, chargers can run between $5-$10 per person. Add that to a guest list of 250+ people and you'll become sick to your stomach!

Want to save a little money but don't want to lose the elegance? Go with a plate instead! Have your plates on the table rather than at the food tables. The guest can come in, choose their table and grab their plate on their way to the buffet!

3) Reuse your Ceremony Décor in the Reception!

This one is a no brainer! For the most part, your ceremony will be brief. Most of your time will be spent partying it up with your new husband at the reception. So repurpose those florals and candles and create something new for your reception!

These free standing florals, which were the back drop during the ceremony, became a photo backdrop during the reception!

My advise is, you will only have one wedding. It's said that there are two times where all of your closest loved ones will be in the same room. But only one that you will be present for.

Whew... Let that sink in.

If there was ever a time to go all out, it would be for your wedding day! However, if your budget just won't allow it, use these tips to help make your day incredible without breaking the bank! You won't be sorry!

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