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About Creating Moments

Let’s start creating your moments, together. 

Picture this: The wedding officiant stands before your closest family and friends and motions for everyone to rise. In unison, everyone stands and turns to look down the aisle with excited anticipation, awaiting the moment where they will see you for the very first time. The music begins and the love of your life takes an audible, anxious breath. Just as the music reaches the ultimate peak of perfection, the doors open and there you stand, beautifully drenched in the glow of complete happiness and bliss. Your family and friends gasp and immediately tear up because of the sight before them. That, my friend, is the moment.  


Moments like this will be the ones you look back on and remember in perfect clarity from your exciting and wonderful wedding day or special event. At Creating Moments, we specialize in stress-free wedding and event planning and helping you create exceptional moments that you will never forget.

Behind each moment...

Hello! My name is Stefany Keisler, and I am the Owner and Lead Planner for Creating Moments! I have always had a strong passion for wedding and event planning. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to help my closest friends and family members plan their weddings and other special events. Working closely with someone to create a beautiful moment from scratch, and seeing that beautiful moment come to life, truly brings me so much joy and a sense of accomplishment I cannot put into words. Opening my own wedding and event planning business was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. Welcome to Creating Moments!


I married my best friend and incredible husband, Jacob, in 2018! Our life has been filled with exciting adventure, dirty hands, full hearts and tons of personal growth. We reside in Cleveland, Alabama, with our 3 amazing children Parker, Piper, and Paislee. Our 3 P’s in a Pod! 


I would love the opportunity to plan and coordinate your wedding or special event! My priority is to eliminate all of the stress and pressure planning an event can bring, freeing you up to enjoy every moment leading up to your special event. My organized process, detail-oriented personality, and my specialty in creating unforgettable moments, are just a few of the reasons why Creating Moments is the best choice when choosing your wedding or special event planner. Let’s start creating your moments, together.

Stefany Keisler

Owner and Lead Planner 

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